This page has been updated to show current members' interests.  If you see a surname that may be useful in your research, try contacting the Secretary on . The number after the surname is a reference for the Secretary to contact the correct member.

This list is still growing, as more members need to add their interests to this list. (May 2020)

The original list is still further down the page, but may not reflect current membership interests.



 Armstrong - Cawood 
 Arundell - Henley-on-Thames  3
 Ball - East Riding of Yorks. 11 
 Bean - Escrick 11 
 Benn - Bradford
 Benson - Whixley
 Burgess - Bridlington
 Cannell - Costessy, Middlesbrough
 Carr - Hemingbrough 11 
 Collinson - Selby, Kippax
 Cross - Hemingbrough 11 
 Dennett - Hull
 Drury - Whixley
 Dunnill - Yorkshire
 Ellis - Kirby Grind
 Evans - Kidderminster, Leeds
 Ferguson - Sussex, Scotland 10 
 Fillery - Sussex 10 
 Foster - Hovingham
 Gawthorp - Escrick 11 
 Goodison - Sheffield
 Hartley - Grimsby, Middlesbrough
 Hesp - N Yorks, Bradford
 Holdsworth - Bradford
 Hudson - Yorkshire
 Ibbotson - Sheffield
Jackson - Ellerton, Bubwith             
 Jarrold - Suffolk
 Kunzler - Hull area
 Leng - Ellerton, Bubwith
 Lintott - Sussex 10 
 Luckins - Sussex 10 
 Lumley - Bolton Percy, London
 Maudt - Switzerland, Germany
 Mellonby - Malton
 Oakes - Hull, Selby
 Parry - Bradford
 Poucher - Bradford
 Riley - Guuiseley
 Smith - Wistow, Barlby
 Stanbury - Devon 10 
 Standering - Selby
 Staniland - Selby
 Stevenson - Doncaster
 Sweeting - Hemingbrough  11 
 Thompson - Bugthorpe, Yorks.
 Tilburn - Bishop Wilton
Tuffnell - Bedford                             
 Varley - Leeds, York , Doncaster
 Walker - Kelfield 11 


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 ADAMS  Suffolk
 ADAMSON  Selby, Leeds
 AGNEW  Isle of Man
 AKERS  Gloucestershire, Australia
 ALLAT  Grimethorpe, Dewsbury, Yorks.
 ANELAY  Balne
 AGNEW  Isle of Man
 ARDEN  Wistow, Cawood.
 ARCHER  Hatfield, Broadoak, Essex
 ARUNDELL  Selby, London, Southwark, Henley-on-Thames
 ASHTON  Clayton, Wakefield
 ASHURST  Lancaster
 ATKINSON  Selby, Goole, Yorkshire. Lancashire
 AUTY  Castleford, London
 BAILES  Yorkshire
 BANKS  Selby, Bradford, Wetherby, Easingwold Yorks.
 BARROW  Kent 
 BATES  Nottingham
 BEANLAND  Leeds, Yorkshire
 BEARD  Chailey Sussex
 BEAUMONT  Batley,  Birstall,  Dewsbury, Huddersfield.
 BECK  Brighton, Sussex
 BEDFORD  Chappel Haddersley, Selby Area
 BEDON  Suffolk
 BEEDEN  Suffolk
 BENSON  Kirby Malzeard, Ripon, Whixley, Yorks
 BERRY  Oxon
 BEST  Bradford, Outwood, Kirkstall, Yorks
 BISBEY  Yorks
 BLAXALL  Suffolk
 BOWKER  Manchester
 BOWLER  Penistone & Area
 BRAMWELL  Cumbria
 BRAZENDALE  Lancashire
 BRIDGES  Suffolk
 BRINKLEY  Suffolk
 BROOK  Wakefield, Outwood, Stanley, Lincoln
 BROOKES  Rotherson
 BROWN  New Brunswick, Canada
 BROOK  Wakefield, Outwood, Stanley, Lincoln
 BROOKES  Rotherson
 BROWN  New Brunswick, Canada
 BUCKLE  Bedale, Aiskew, Yorks
 BUNTING  Oxon, Warwicks, Lancs, Suffolk
 BURDEN  Elvington, Yorks
 BURTON  Easingwold, York.
 CARR  Glasshoughton, Yorkshire
 CARTER  Manchester
 CAWSTON  Cawood, Suffolk
 CHADWICK  Southworth, Ashurst, Lancaster
 CHAPMAN  Suffolk
 CHETWYND  Baddersley Ensor, Castleford Yorks, Warwichshire
 COCKSHUTT  Lancashire
 CLAYDON  Suffolk
 CLEMENTS  Bristol, Pill, Somerset
 COLLETT  Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire,Berks,Kent
 COLLINS  Oxon, Bucks, Kent
 COLVERHOUSE  Northampton
 COMERFORD  Scotland, Durham, Ireland
 COPLEY  Selby, Sherburn in Elmet, Yorks
 CORBRIDGE  Lincolnshire
 COTTERILL  Fairburn, Yorkshire
 COX  Kent
 CRANE  Suffolk
 CRAVEN  Wakefield, Castleford Yorkshire
 CROSS   Thorne, Hatfield
 CROWCROFT  Pontefract, Doncaster
 DAVIS  Blackburn, Lancs
 DEMPSEY  Hackney, Cork in Ireland
 DENNY  Suffolk
 DICK  County Durham, Northumberland.
 DIXON  Allenhead, Northumberland.
 DICKINSON  Northumberland
 DOBSON  Selby, Harlepool.
 DODD  Oxon
 DOWN/DOWNE/DOWNES  Beverley, Pontefract, Stanley
 DRURY  Kirk Deighton, Yorks
 DUCK  Surrey, Portsmouth, South Wales
 DUKES  Worksop
 DUNPHY  Leeds. Ireland
 EASENBY  Pollington, Yorkshire
 EASTON  Suffolk
 EDGAR  Ayrshire
 ELLENGER  Suffolk
 ELLIS  Kent, Essex, Bellingham
 ELLIS  Bishop Wilto, Elvington
 ELLENGER   Suffolk
 EVANS  Kidderminster, Leeds
 FAIR  Hampshire
 FALLOWS  Manchester
 FARNHILL  Goole, Knottingley
 FARDON  Oxon, Warwickshire
 FARR  Surrey
 FISH  Suffolk
 FISK  Suffolk
 FLEMING  Hemingbrough, Selby
 FOLKARD  Suffolk
 FORDHAM  Suffolk
 FOX  Suffolk
 FRANCE  Chappel Haddersley
 FRYER  Selby, North Yorkshire
 GADDES  Bermondsey, London
 GARA/GARRA  Selby, Bradford, Ireland
 GARDINER  Suffolk
 GARDNER  Glos., Oxon
 GARROD  Suffolk
 GIBBON  Thorner
 GIBSON  Newcastle
 GIBSON  Grimethorpe, Dewsbury
 GILES  Rawcliffe near Goole
 GILL  Bedale, Darlington
 GOODALL  Batley, Birstall, Dewsbury, Huddersfield
 GRAY  Beverley
 HABGOOD  Wiltshire, Gloucestershire
 HAIGH  Battley, Birstall, Dewsbury, Huddersfield
 HALES  Kent
 HALL  Hertsfordshire
 HAMBY  Suffolk
 HARDING  Suffolk
 HARDWICK  Leeds, Brierley Hill (Staffordshire).
 HATCH  Kent, Herts
 HAYES  Suffolk
 HEANEY  Leeds, Ireland
 HEY  Batley, Birstall, Dewsbury, Huddersfield
 HICKS  Dover
 HILL/HILLS  Suffolk, Kent
 HOLDEN  Lancaster, Doncaster
 HOLIDAY  Howden, Rawcliffe, Goole
 HOPKINS  Somerset
 HORBURY  Clayton, Wakefield
 HORN  Suffolk
 HORSFIELD  Hambleton nr, Selby
 HOWARD  High Wykham, Lambert, Dover, Norfolk, Gr. Ryburgh
 HOWELL  Surrey, Kent
 HUNT  Bradford
 HUTCHINSON  Seaton Ross, Leeds
 IRVING  Grassington, Yorkshire
 ISSAIT  Hambleton, Yorks
 JACKSON  Swinefleet, East Yorkshire
 JAKES  Glos
 JAMES  Bethnal Green
 JAMFREY  Co Durham, Co. Tyrone, Ireland
 JARROLD  Suffolk, Wistow Nr Selby, Brayton Nr Selby.
 JAY  Suffolk
 JEFFERIES  Surrey, Australia
 KEATE  Sussex, Kent, Dorset
 KEER  Suffolk, Middlesex
 KETT  Sussex, Kent, Dorset
 KING  Suffolk
 KIRBY  Glentworth Lincolshire, Wakefield Yorkshire
 KYTE  Worcestershire, Berkshire
 LAMBERT  Wakefield, Thorn Hill
 LANE  Kent
 LANGHORN  Holme-on-Spalding Moor, Yorks
 LEDGARD    Mirfield Yorks
 LEFTERHAND  Little Saxham Suffolk
 LEIGH  Lancashire
 LENG  Grimthorpe, East Yorks
 LILLEY/LILLIE  Newcastle, Suffolk, Scotland
 LING  Suffolk
 LISTER  Kellfield, East Yorks
 LOVETT  Co. Durham, Suffolk
 LOWERY  Durham
 LUMLEY  Stillingfleet, Appleton Roebuck, Bolton Percy, Yorks
 McMASTERS  Belfast Ireland
 MAC/McDONALD  Selby, Yorkshire Area
 MAJOR  Selby
 MAPPLEBECK  Rawcliffe, Yorks
 MEWES/MUSE/MEWES/MEWIS  Alston Northumberland, Co.Durham
 MITCHELL  Ovenden, Bradford
 MORGAN  Lancashire
 MORLEY  Selby Yorks
 MOORE  Liverpool
 MOORE  Lincoln, Suffolk
 MORRIS  Hampshire, Skipwith
 NELLES  Newcastle upon Tyne
 NEWBY  Suffolk
 NEWALL  Leeds, Yorks
 NICHOLL/NICHOL/NICHOLS  Durham, Staffordshire, Suffolk
 NOBLE  East Hull
 NICHOLL/NICHOL/NICHOLS  Durham, Staffordshire, Suffolk
 NOBLE  East Hull
 O'CONNELL  Hackney, Cork in Ireland
 OUBRIDGE  Middlesex
 PACKER  Gloucestershire, Warwickshire
 PALFRAMAN  Brayton near Selby Yorks
 PALLANT  Suffolk
 PARKER  Derbyshire
 PARKER  Cheshire
 PARKER  Wakefield & District, Fulford, York area
 PEARSON  Selby, Leeds
 PELLING   Sussex
 PETT  Suffolk
 PHILIPSON  Barlow North Yorks, also West and East Yorks
 PHIPPS  Lewisham, Bromley
 PICKERING  Hartlepool, Teesside
 PINDER  Selby
 PIPE  Suffolk
 PLANT  Suffolk
 PORCHER  Suffolk, Norfolk
 POWELL  Kirby Wharfe
 PRATT  Suffolk, Kent, London, Essex, Hampshire
 PRICE   Kent
 RICHARDSON  Selby, Easingwold, York, Durham, East Yorks.
 RIDLEY  Cumbria
 RIPP  Kent
 ROBINSON  Easingwold, York Topcliffe, North Yorks
 ROBSON  Cumbria, Co. Durham
 ROSE  Nottingham, Ireland
 SADD  Suffolk
 SAIT  Oving, Sussex
 SANDERS  Gloucestershire
 SAUNDERS  Kent, Sussex
 SAYNER  Selby, Yorks
 SCOGGINS  Suffolk
 SCOT  Northants
 SCREACH  Derbyshire, Kent, Devon
 SEALEY  Berkshire
 SHARP/SHARPE  Suffolk, Co.Durham, Bradford Yorks
 SHERWOOD  Goole, Durham, Lancashire
 SHOWELL  Greenwich.
 SIMPSON  Riccal,Kelfied, Langtoft Yorks, Nottingham
 SMITH  Leeds, Brierley Hill Staffordshire, Kent.
 SMITH  Riccal, Barlby, Stamford Bridge, London
 SOUTHWORTH  Lancaster
 SORRELL  Middlesex
 SOWERBY  Bedale, Darlington, Durham, Cumbria
 SOWERSBY  Lincolnshire
 SPARKS  Bucks, Berks,
 SPARK  Bradford Yorks.
 SPEIGHT  Castleford, Yorks
 STACEY  Kent, Surrey, Middlesex
 STEPHENSON  Yorks, Durham, Northumberland
 STEVENS  Leeds, Brierley Hill, Staffordshire
 STEVENSON  Durham, Northumberland
 TALLIN  Birmingham, Worcester
 TAYLOR  Bristol, Pill Somerset, Ripon Hull Area
 TEASDALE  Cumbria
 TEMPLE   Oxfordshire
 THACKERAY  Selby, Bramham Yorks
 THOMAS  Glos.,Hampshire, Cornwall, Barbados
 THOMPSON  Bugthorpe, Selby, Cawood Yorks, Cumbria
 TILBURN  Bishop Wilton, Elvington
 TILLOTSON  Lancaster
 TINDALL  Yorkshire
 TUBBY  Suffolk
 TUKE  Goole
 TURNER  Suffolk
 TYE   Gloucestershire
 UNDERWOOD  Birmingham
 VARLEY  Acaster, Selby, Leeds
 VICKERS  Northampton
 WARD  Cawood, Yorkshire
 WATSON  Cumbria
 WEBB  Suffolk
 WHEATLEY  Hunslet, Leeds
 WHITE  Hambleton, nr Selby
 WIGHTMAN  Suffolk
 WILLCOCKS  Devon, London
 WILLIAMS  Lancaster, Accrington Lancashire
 WILSON  Hatfield, Broadoak, Essex
 WINGRAVE  Northampton, Hardingstone, Lancashire
 WINN  Ripon, Yorks
 WOMERSLEY  Ecclesfield, Sheffield
 WOOD  Lancaster
 WOODARD  Suffolk
 WOTTOM  Tankersley
 WRIGHT  Gloucestershire
 YOUNG  Suffolk, Selby, Camerton, Somerset
 YOUNGMAN  Suffolk

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