How to get started


Start now
, by talking to your parents, grandparents and relatives. They can provide the basis for all your future research into your family tree. One of the most common sayings among family tree researchers is ‘If only I had asked my grandparents’. Don’t miss the opportunity to get some facts and figures, before it is too late!

Write down all that is told you and then, having got as much information as possible, start to list all the known past and current family members in a tree format.

Be precise with names, addresses, marriage details, including your mother and grandmother's maiden names. Where they were born, with dates and relevant details, including divorce, second and third marriages etc.

Another important area is the collection of photographs, old and new but make sure they have the full details about who they are and where they were taken shown on the back. Make sure you  copy the photographs, taking care of them  and return them quickly if requested. 


Try to get certificates of births, marriages and deaths, taking copies if the owners prefer and always return them promptly when asked.

Write it down

It is very important that you make notes and keep them safely. Sometimes notes on scraps of paper may appear unimportant but later they may be very important, so log everything properly.

Be tactful

 Be aware that some relatives may not want to talk about past events or relationships, so be tactful and you will find that by far the majority of your family will be more than willing to co-operate.

These are just a few of the basic details, there is obviously much more that you will need to know, but the main thing is to have fun finding out the facts about your ancestors. Selby & District Family History Group is there to help you enjoy your research.

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