Meetings are not being held at the moment, due to the Coronavirus outbreak.
We are situated in the historic market town of Selby, North Yorkshire, 12 miles south of the city of York along the course of the River Ouse.
Selby is famous for its Abbey, which is complete, unlike many of Yorkshires Abbeys which are in ruins. It is used regularly by the citizens of Selby district, and was founded in 1069 by St Benedict. There are many family history connections within the Abbey, the most famous being the Washington coat of arms in one of the Abbey's stained glass windows.


We meet at Selby Town Hall which is situated near the traffic lights at the west end of the main street, Gowthorpe.

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The room is accessed by the rear entrance, on Tuesdays 10am-12noon


                                    Selby Town Hall        The Rear Entrance

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